Boxing Day HRF

After spending a day with the family and cooking them Christmas lunch I had finally earned a trip for an hour so I had to stay close to home to maximise the fishing time. Weather very changeable, bright sunshine to monsoon in 10 seconds flat so chose a wrasse bashing session from a nice comfy next to the van platform.

First cast it started to rain so i cast from under the van boot, got the slack up, tap and fish on! Had another a couple of minutes later and bites kept coming. I tend to use larger lures for wrasse in a vain attempt to avoid smaller fish, though equally a smaller lure can sometimes bring large and small fish.

Fished for an hour and had 8 fish in total to about 3.5lb falling to home made lures both rockbait 5’s and the 4 inch craw in various colours but red mist edging it on the day.

All taken on the Century HPR 7’3 with Rarenium 3000 loaded with YGK G-Soul X8 upgrade in PE0.8 (16lb).

131226 - Wrasse7 131226 - Wrasse1 131226 - Wrasse3 131226 - Wrasse4 131226 - Wrasse5 131226 - Wrasse6

A trip to Herm

A mate was coming over from the UK and was headed to Sark and Herm on Saturday and Sunday. I opted to join him in Herm.

The day finally came and I had packed my lures, been all organised, bass gear only but he wanted a rod for spare so I had the SM 270, the GR Diablo Special and the HPR 7’7 ST for the slightly lighter stuff.

Opted on waders only to try and keep it a bit lighter. Not that my backpack felt that way with enough lures for us all “just in case”. I later learned that you don’t lose many lures on the marks we fished so will carry a lot less next time!

Met them at the boat and we were off with all the gear and a rough idea (thanks to a mate with a map), oh, but I forgot the map, but I had had a look at it beforehand so had a pretty good idea of mates marks as well as mine.

We got to Herm and the sun came out. Not what the weather man said, sunnies in the van in Guernsey along with my hat…

The tide was running when we got along the coast and it felt rude not to chuck a lure into it…



I got excited, got in the water without waders, socks wet and full of gravel. Got the waders on but as I found later managed to get some grit in them…

Nice bit of flow knee deep, 6 knots or so whipping through but no fish in it for some reason.

We carried on and fish the corner where amazingly there was even more tide. Stupid mental amounts of water ripping through like the amazon river in flood.

No fish there either. Must be something wrong with herm fish, might be that sun which by now I am really starting to feel, lack of sunnies and hat… crystal water, usual excuses. Tons of baitfish but most of it smaller than my LRF lures which were in the van in Guernsey anyway.

We moved along a bit looking for features which turned up as some weed being taken out in a rip. Fished that for a bit, hit a fish!!

Stinky Garfish

Stinky Garfish

Stink bomb.

Had a couple of other hits which were NOT beakys. Big solid whaps but no hookup.

We moved along again and shoved some other chap out of the way to get on my mark where I was starting to feel a chaffed heel. Had some liquid and some fruit pastilles and away we go again. Tried all sorts waiting for the tide to drop a bit until I could wade to a rock and wang a TM200 into the main tide flow.

Whallop, fish on. Typically a brown bass (aka Pollack).



Went OK in the tide til it gave up and came in dead weight.

Nev had a go on the fly casting into the edge of the tide seam and hit a micro pollack.

The tide edged off a bit and we could access another mark so we went for a wonder, now in pain from chaffed heel but there were fish to be had!! Surely?!

It again looked superb, bait and tide everywhere, terns wheeling and screaming all around us smashing into the water but no sign of fish.

The tide dropped some more, it was nearly in France by now, and we made a move across a gully.

First cast with a home made ring shad in green over pearl, three turns of the handle and kabooooom, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. fish on!!

He used the tide to full advantage and fought like a tiger, never hit the surface once, most unusual, Herm fish obviously don’t know how bass fight.

Herm Bass

Herm Bass

Just a baby but really did go well.

We were both hit hard several more times but then it all died with no more hits, must have caught the tail end. Must wade deeper to get there next time.

Wondered round some more and took a photo of what we were casting into…

Nev in Herm

Nev in Herm

You can see the seam of tide behind Nev there. Terns smashing all over the place but it was all small baitfish.

Time went pretty fast actually so we now limped back to the pub, me with no waders, shoes or socks on, which was nice on the sandy paths and not nice on the gravel.

So that was Herm in a quick report, would be better later in the year I think and maybe not quite such a large tide so you don’t need to walk all the way to France to get to the water.

Going Cuckoo

Had a couple of sessions in the last week, though only short ones there have been a few fish for Dan and me.

First off Dan wanted to fish LRF for small fish in the marina so away we go. I had several Goldsinny wrasse which seem to be about in huge numbers this year, Dan was just starting to become rather despondent when he hooked into something better. He’s only gone and got a cuckoo wrasse!!0731 - DanCuckoo

He was totally chuffed with another new species, his second in just over a week and on lures as well.

I eventually managed to follow suit and landed one as well which you will note is a lot smaller than Dan’s!!

0731 - Cuckoo Tail 0731 - Cuckoo Head 0731 - MeCuckoo


That was pretty much it for that session ending near 10pm… At least it’s school holidays!

I then managed a short hour on Saturday so thought I would get out with the HRF gear for a ballan. I decided to try the Yoshikawa Super Worms from JacksLRF and they proved to work a treat. I tend not to purchase many lures nowadays preferring to make my own but I will make exceptions and this I think will be one of them.

wrasse2 wrasse1The second fish was much larger and gave a good account of itself on the Daiwa Infeet in the tide run I was fishing.

That’s it for now but I hope to get out again tonight over the high water with Dan and see what we can find this time.


Quick LRF Session

My boy wanted to go LRF’ing last night so we popped to a little mark and had 4 species between us in an hour. Long Spined Sea Scorpion for him, Goldsinny Wrasse (1 each), Tompot Blenny for me and a small ballan wrasse for him. Mostly to wacky rigged drop shotted worm style lures, home made and also some JacksLRF ones.0724 - MeGoldsinny 0724 - Tompot2 0724 - Tompot 0724 - LSScorpion 0724 - DanBallan 0724 - DanGoldsinny